July 29, 2008

Two Headlines

In my headline scrounging today, two stuck out especially so.

The first gives us an idea of how fast we are falling in regards to the sanctity of life and where it's likely to go in the next decade or two:
Oregon Offers Terminal Patients Doctor-Assisted Suicide Instead of Medical Care
And no, it is not April Fool's nor is this some type of urban legend. A similar headline came out of Oregon about a month ago and this makes things even more grave. This is here, today, in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We must hang our heads in shame.

What immediately came to my mind was this passage from Proverbs 8:
"And now, O sons, listen to me: blessed are those who keep my ways. Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it. Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord, but he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death." [Pro 8:32-36 ESV]
The second article is also a great source of pride for all of us North Carolinians. Nothing like the State putting our hard-earned tax dollars to good use:
No. Carolina Funds Movie With Child Rape Scene
Make sure you read the entire article to understand this isn't the first time NC has funded such wholesome family entertainment.

This movie made all the Christian headlines a while back when it was learned that Dakota was doing these scenes herself (not using an older "stunt" double) and neither she nor her parents had any problem with it. All in the name of "artistic expression." And I would have to imagine that these parents also wouldn't mind allowing Dakota see another recent film from the Sundance Film Festival which celebrates bestiality in an effort to promote sympathy about the real life struggles of a man who loved his horse (I kid you not).

What will it take for God's people to stand up and speak the truth? How long are we willing to just sit on the sidelines with our heads buried in the sand, hoping that perverse and dark things won't effect our little part of the country? What good and righteous things will be around for our children and their children to enjoy? It is time for God's people to be doers of His Word and not just hearers only. We need to be reading and meditating on His Word daily, putting it into practice, giving a reason for the hope that lies within, preaching, teaching and defending the one and only truth which can change people's lives and thereby alter the course of a nation. And we need to do it simply because we were created by Him to fulfill our chief duty in life which is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

America, America, God shed His light on thee...


rabryan said...

Did you see the N&O's article yesterday? Raleigh has made it on many top 10 lists - including one of the gay friendliest cities.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Oh, Monica- I did NOT know that. It hurts my heart.

kareng said...

did you read Ruth Sheehan's article in N&O about Jimmy Stopper? He's stepping up for his family and protesting Abercrombie and Fitch's continuing desire to expose as many as possible to porn under rouse of clothing.

Richpo the Unmagnificent said...

Thanks for the heads up, Monica. I did find it on the N&O site:

Raleigh ranks high on 'Best Of' lists

Sad indeed.

As for Jimmy Stopper, I've never heard of him but that's a good fight to be in. I've got a number of articles archived about A&F's continuing fight over the past few years to push the envelope of "child porn" and trying to normalize it. And that's exactly how Satan works, right? Push a little at time and wear down morality over time.