January 23, 2009

Just As They Predicted

A long time ago in a galaxy quite near, leaders in today's true Church warned the world that pushing for the acceptance of homosexual "marriage" would be the first step down the slippery slope. They warned that once this clearly anti-biblical lifestyle was accepted as normative, it would open the gate for the rest of human debauchery and wickedness. And they were right.
Canada Man Charged With Polygamy To Use Gay Marriage Defense
Once marriage becomes about "love" rather than the standard established by God's Word, mankind can define "marriage" to be anything he wants. Just as homosexual relationships were once kept in the closet and no one would dare to talk about it in public, it now makes the news on a daily basis and is considered enlightening and tolerant.

It won't take long, if things continue, for polygamy and polyamory to be the norm. And then pedophilia will be acceptable as the the age of consent gets set lower and lower (look up the recent pedophilia political party established in the Netherlands which is working to lower the age of consent BELOW 14). And it will sink to the lowest when bestiality is celebrated as a beautiful expression of love between man and animal (did you see the movie featured at the Sundance Film Festival about 2 years ago about a man and his horse? I kid you not).

And as long as we as true Christians who believe in the inerrant and infallible Word of God keep our mouths shut, it will continue to spiral downward. As long as we care more about our leisure time and finances than God's glory, we can only point our fingers at ourselves. If we continue to keep our heads buried in the sand we shouldn't be shocked nor dismayed at what we find when we pull our heads out now and then to take a look around.

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What Is Virginity Worth Today?
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Mom Arrested, Jailed For Disciplining Kids On Plane
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Abortion Film '22 Weeks' Disturbs, Exposes

The Terri Schiavo Story
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January 9, 2009

Where Does This Come From?

First off, Michael Newdow is an idiot. Well, the Bible would call him a fool (Psa 14:1, 53:1 ) but I'm going to go a step further and call him an idiot. He's perfectly within his American rights to voice his opinion (like I'm doing here) but to put as much time and effort and money as he has into trying to eradicate God from the American landscape is just sad. Just look at his track record to date; how many times has he engaged in litigation and compare it to the number of court rulings he's won? (And we won't even go into the whole definition of what an "atheist" really is and how no sane person can honestly say there is no God).

And now he's hard at work to try and prevent prayer at the upcoming presidential inauguration [news article]. He doesn't want Rick Warren to open his mouth. He doesn't want Lincoln's Bible to be there. He doesn't want Obama's hand to be on it while he takes his oath. And he most certainly doesn't want Obama to utter those four nasty words "so help me God" to seal that very oath to the United States of America and her people.

I can't help but wonder what place in hell this man will hold for someone who hates God so much. Just as there are degrees of reward in heaven, so there are degrees of punishment in hell. And I can't help but think about the kind of wrath Mr. Newdow is storing up for himself by basically blaspheming God 24/7. Mr. Newdow REALLY needs our prayers because it terrifies me to the core for where he is going and what awaits him when he arrives.

But I digress. The reason for this post is to get people thinking on the same subject that I wrestle with on a regular basis. Anyone who follows the state of "true" Christianity in the U.S. knows that our nation bears very little resemblance to the country our founding fathers created. For most of these men, the Word of God was the highest form of authority and governed very much, if not a most, of what they thought and did. It drove the creation of our government with a built in set of checks and balances (because they understood the treachery of men's hearts), it created an educational system for children to teach them biblical literacy (read up on the New England Primer if you haven't) and so on, and so on.

Take a look at our society today and 99% of the public is biblically illiterate and spiritually lost. Read the news on any given day and you can't help but notice the level of debauchery we have sunk to whether you are talking about homosexuality, divorce, abuse, killing (especially what are children are doing to each other at school), abortion, euthanasia, and on and on it goes.

Then along comes a response to Mr. Newdow's latest attempt at futility. I read this morning about how an amicus brief was filed in the Newdow case, spearheaded by the Texas Attorney General. A line has been drawn in the sand to defend the constitutionality of prayer by our public servants. Praise God! And what gets me is how not just one, or ten or twenty state attorney generals signed this document, BUT ALL 50 (as well as the one representing the Virgin Islands)! What's up with that? How is it that a nation that is so far removed from God and, for the most part, could care less about Him (unless planes fly into skyscrapers or the Dow Jones plummets over a waterfall) can respond like it did today? I'd like to hear YOUR thoughts.

Granted, almost no one is standing up for the name of Jesus, but there's got to be something at work here for defending our rights to "inject religion" into the public landscape. I'm so very pleased to see how people like Mr. Newdow are in the vast minority and people still believe that God has a place in life, not just for when you're surrounded by the four walls of church and home.

I believe God is still at work among the American people. But I wonder how long His common grace will endure amidst the suffering and slow slide into secularity that we see going on every day. How longsuffering will He be? What are we Christians doing to proclaim the name of Christ through our words and deeds so that our Father in heaven may be glorified? What remnant exists that may be holding back the hand of God from earthly judgement and utter moral chaos?

Soli Deo Gloria,

Attorney General Abbott Defends Constitutionality Of Prayer During Presidential Inauguration

Amicus Brief [PDF]

January 6, 2009

A "Resolution" Worth Keeping

Anyone who really knows me (and that number could be counted on one hand with a few fingers left over) knows that I don't make "resolutions" when the beginning of a new year rolls around. And if you do, well, then you're a heathen ;-) (Mt 5:37). But if you are looking for a good use of your time in 2009, I suggest reading the following, printing it out and making it a point to pray accordingly. I can only imagine the power that God would bring among His people should churches make a concerted effort to lift up their pastor in such a way.

And I guess it's a good time to throw in "The Resolutions" by Jonathan Edwards.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Praying For Your Pastor
by Ligon Duncan

The Resolutions
by Jonathan Edwards