February 19, 2009

Today's Hero

I'm just blown away by this young lady. Watch the video, read her story below and then read about what's happening in North Dakota on this very issue.

Soli Deo Gloria,

12-year-old steals day with pro-life speech

ND House Passes Abortion Ban


12-Year-Old's Pro-Life Presentation Saves A Life

February 15, 2009

Be Ever Vigilant

I recently ran across a news article on MSNBC which was basically an advertisement for a new "Christian" study/teaching website:
The Foundation for Christian Studies (FCS), a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and awareness of Christian theology, values, and service, today launched its global website at www.studychristianity.org. The FCS website includes a comprehensive doctrinal study program, downloadable theological essays, interactive discussion forums, and online stores for Christian books, music, and art.
I'm always interested in a new site which might help me learn more about my Lord and Savior. And I was even more surprised that such a prominent ad for Christianity was found on a secular news site. So I visited to see what was there as well as which denomination they were affiliated with (which is always of utmost importance so that time is not wasted on resources and material which does not line up doctrinally with sound Biblical teaching).

As soon as I arrived at their web site, I was attracted to the "Christian Defined" link. What I read there was quite an eye opener and immediately set off alarm bells. To make a long story short, what this page basically said was that doctrine was not important. No one deserves to sit in judgement of another. If someone calls them self a "Christian" and is attempting to live by the golden rule, then that's all that matters. What immediately popped into my mind was United Church of Christ or perhaps even today's quickly sinking Episcopalian church.

Having been thoroughly turned off, I then ventured to their "Scriptures" page and immediately found my answer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Bingo! I had my answer. Here we obviously have a new PR push by the Mormons to refute some of the backlash they've been getting lately from various Catholic and Protestant circles. While they may call themselves "Christian", they most certainly are not. They are a cult, plain and simple.

And I find it quite ironic that in their definition of a Christian, they stress how important it is not to judge others who call themselves Christians. Here we have a church which was founded by a very strange man (Joseph Smith) who started a new church to make it clear that all current churches were heretical and that true salvation could only be found through his church (sounds pretty judgemental to me!). Here is a man who simply copied over the King James version of the Bible and changed various passages to agree with his errant theology. And he also added The Book of Mormon which is considered superior and more correct than the Bible. Their basic belief ("As god once was, man is. As God is, man may become.") appeals to sinful human beings and should be an immediate warning to true, discerning Christians who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior (Act 4:12, Jhn 14:6).

If you don't know much about Mormonism or other cults, spend some time studying so that you may be better equipped to witness in this world and better able to give a reason for your faith (1Pe 3:15). I would highly recommend spending some time on CARM and perhaps even take some of their online classes for theology and apologetics.

Soli Deo Gloria,

February 9, 2009

Abortion, Porn & Family - What's Important to You?

After generating today's headlines for my news site, there are a few that stood out to me as worth mentioning.

If anyone thinks this is an isolated case, I feel sorry for you. And how someone can read this and continue to insist that abortion is within a woman's right is simply beyond my comprehension. Satan continues to blind eyes and masquerade as an angel of light and the weak flesh is only too willing to agree.
Doctor Loses License In Live Birth Abortion Case
Our culture is incredibly sexually drive and everyone seems to agree that it's not a good thing. And not only are very few doing anything about it, some seem to think that we need even more debauchery. And, of course, where better to serve it up then at college:
College Wrong To Host Week Of 'Sexploration'
Nothing like a little help from "Pure Romance" and the "University of Cincinnati Wellness Center", huh? God help us.

And to round things off, let's look at the wonderful things the U.N. is doing these days:
United Nations Population Fund Leader Says Family Breakdown Is A Triumph For Human Rights
And this not an isolated case of a radical agenda in motion:
United Nations' Threat: No More Parental Rights

Combating Religious Intolerance With A U.N. Resolution?

Critics Say U.N. 'Culture Of Peace' Meeting Hides Culture Of Oppression

UN Says Eat Less Meat To Curb Global Warming

Is The U.N. Advocating Homosexuality And Pedophilia?

U.N. Terminology Legitimizes Prostitution

UN Report Calls Palestinian Terrorism Result Of Occupation

United Nations Rolls Out Liberal Agenda For 2008
So if the U.N. comes knocking around your door (or country), tell them to take a hike!

Soli Deo Gloria,