March 19, 2009

The Downward Spiral Continues

I am certain that Obama will go down as one of the most incompetent men to hold the office of the President of the United States:
Obama Scraps 'Global War On Terror' For 'Overseas Contingency Operation'

Presidential Nonsense

Does He Think We’re That Stupid?

Kroft To Obama: Are You Punch-drunk?

The Europe Syndrome

Terence Corcoran: Is This The End Of America?
U.S. law-making is riddled with slapdash, incompetence and gamesmanship
And here are some things to think about (and hopefully make you aware, uncomfortable and willing to make a difference for the glory of God):
Judge Orders FDA To Let 17-Year-Olds Obtain Plan B

Arizona Attorney General To Investigate Sexual Abuse Cover Up At Planned Parenthood Clinics

Video: Statutory Rape Concealed
Activist Lila Rose's new project exposes Phoenix Planned Parenthood

Teens' Abortion Technique: Drink Poisonous Mixture
Ending unwanted pregnancy as easy as swallowing veterinary medicine

Unwed Birth Rate Reaches All-time High In U.S.
Report: Record number of babies born in 2007; 40 percent to single moms

ABC News On A Gay Christian Matchmaking Service

Christian Hotel Owners Sued By Gay Couple Over Marriage Stance

Elon Poll: NC Split On Gay Marriage

Elevating Homosexuality To New Heights

Gay Marriage Recognized ... In Webster Dictionary

Consensus Or Censorship?
Despite disagreement within the scientific community, many politicians want us to believe all of science is on board with man-made global warming

UK Population Must Fall To 30m, Says Porritt

New Al Gore Book Coming This Fall

The Real Population Threat

Pet-ernity Leave
Treating Pets as Humans

Pass The Offering Plate, Take A Condom
United Church of Christ Promotes Contraceptive Distribution in the Sanctuary

U.N. Treaty Limiting Parents' Rights Pushed

Luxembourg Legalizes Euthanasia

Christian School Confiscating Cell Phones To Stop Cheating
To finish things off I'll leave you with a video worth watching:

Soli Deo Gloria,

March 18, 2009

The World Just Doesn't Get It

Without the Truth, you are most certainly lost. You can't appeal to the innate goodness of man (because it doesn't exist), you can't rely on your own understanding (try Proverbs 14:12 or 16:25) and you certainly can't legislate your way out of it (because that won't effect changes to the heart).
D.C. Struggles To Contain HIV Epidemic
Officials worry prevalence rate is up to 50 percent higher than reported

Single, Pregnant And Panicked
Why so many smart women botch their birth control

A Gay-Marriage Solution: End Marriage?

Mom Helping Son With Down Syndrome Lose Virginity

Celebrity Narcissism: A Bad Reflection For Kids
If you really want to see what the problem is, then be prepared to take a long hard look in the mirror:
Our Reflection
Confessed swindler Bernard Madoff mirrors the flaw in each of us, revealing what theologians used to call “sin”
This is a message that resonates with the "true" Christian (because it agrees with the true state of man as given in Scripture) but will raise the hackles of almost everyone in the world these days (and I think this is where Romans 1:18-32 & John 7:7 comes into play).

Servant of God

The following is the first of 6 clips on YouTube that was recently shown on the BBC as an hour long program. It chronicles a snapshot in the life of Deborah, a 13 year-old who comes from a large homeschooling family who leads a life that's, I'm sure, pleasing to God and a true-blue witness for Christ in this dark world of ours. If you like this one (and I don't possibly see how you couldn't), be sure to see the rest of the story in the other 5 clips!

I love her attitude toward life and that she owes it all to God. She sees her life as a service to God. She has a full understanding that our life is but a vapor. As she describes it, her life is just a "wee dash" between when she's born and when she dies. That's the day we all need to be prepared for. Are you ready?